GALMEKTIN 0.150 mg/g premix for medicated feedstuff

GALMEKTIN 0.150 mg/g premix for medicated feedstuff
Target species
Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Roe Deer, Rupicapra rupicapra, Wild Boar
Package size
5 kg, 10 kg
Marketing Authorisation
For animal treatment only
Veterinary medicinal product subject to prescription

premix for medicated feedstuff

Information intended for professionals and providers of veterinary care.


1 g of the medicinal product contains:

Active substance:
Ivermectinum 0.15 mg (150 mg in 1 kg of premix)

Maydis amylum, aroma


Preventive and therapeutic dehelmintization of cloven-hoofed game in the presence of larval and adult forms of nematodes in gastrointestinal tract (Ostertagia spp., Chabertia spp., Cooperia spp., Trichuris spp., Trichostrongylus spp., Nematodirus spp., Haemonchus spp., Strongyloides spp., Bunostomum spp., Oesophagostomum spp., Capillaria spp., in wild boar Ascaris suum) and in lung (Capreocaulus capreoli, Müllerius spp., Dictyocaulus spp., Bicaulus spp., Metastrongylus spp.). It acts on larval stages of Cephenemyia spp., Pharyngomyia spp., Hypoderma spp., and on mite and lice.


Not known.

Dosage for each species, route and method of administration:

Red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer, Rupicapra rupicapra:

0.2 mg active substance per kg bodyweight for 2 days. i.e. 5 kg GALMEKTIN 0.150 mg/g premix for medicated feeding stuff is mixed with 45 kg grain (scraped) feed. Medicated feed is administered in 2 consecutive days as the only feed in the amount depending on the number and weight of animals according to conversion for different animal species. 

Animal species


Average weight

Daily intake of feed mixed with GALMEKTIN 0.150 mg/g premix for medicated feed stuff

red deer

75 kg

900 g

fallow deer

50 kg

650 g


30 kg

400 g

Rupicapra rupicapra

20 kg

320 g

roe deer

15 kg

200 g

Addictive phase to grain feed (minimum 7-10 days) without content of the medicinal product GALMEKTIN 0.150 mg/g premix for medicated feed stuff have to forego the administration of the medicinal product if the grain feed is not applicated to animals.   

Wild boar:

Administer 0.1 mg ivermectin per 1 kg bodyweight.

Recommended mixture:

I. Phase – medicinal product is incorporated into the feed in the ratio 1:9.
II. Phase – the mixture is afterwards mixed with the feed in the ratio 1: 6.5.
Feed prepared as follows is applicated in the amount 0.5 kg per 10 kg bodyweight and day for 5-7 days.

Advice on correct administration:

To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible. The animal treatment should be in groups according to bodyweight when treated together.

Adverse reactions:

Not known.

Withdrawal period:

Meat and offal: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, Rupicapra rupicapra: 28 days.
Meat of wild boar: 14 days.

Special storage precautions:

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Store below 25 °C.
Protect from light.

Do not use this veterinary medicinal product after the expiry date stated on label.
Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product packaged in original package: 2 years.
Shelf life after first opening the container: 3 months.
Shelf life after incorporation into feed: 3 months. 

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Read the content of the package leaflet carefully before use. If you have any further questions, ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.

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