About us

PHARMAGAL Ltd. is an important manufacturer of veterinary medicaments established in Nitra, since 1994.  The mission of the company is to improve the quality of animals' life. Through the support, renewal and maintenance of health and well-being of animals, associated with satisfaction of owners and farmers helps Pharmagal to increase the comfort of the whole community.

More than 20-years history, technical and creative development allows Pharmagal Ltd. to react to each requirement of the Slovak as well as European market at any time and as flexible as possible.

Pharmagal exclusivity is based on the diversity of produced medicaments designed for almost all animal species. The company portfolio includes wide spectrum of antibiotics, antidysenterics, antiparasitics, antiprotozoics, chemotherapeutics and nutritional supplements as well as vitamin-mineral preparations. This varied offer of products, in combination with the professionals` and clients` communication, friendly, high qualified team are the guarantee of success.     

At present time, Pharmagal Ltd. distributes more than 80 veterinary medicinal products and preparations in the Slovak republic, 52 in the Czech Republic, and 7 in Poland. At the forefront of the management gets even expand the market to other EU countries. Products are distributed through distributing companies and presented through sale representatives of the company in Slovakia, Czech Republic as well as Poland.


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