AQUAVIT AD2 oral solution

AQUAVIT AD2 oral solution
Target species
Pig, Cattle, Sheep, Dog, Cat, Fur animals
Package size
25 mL, 250 mL, 1 000 mL, 5 L, 10 L
Marketing Authorisation
Approval: SK, CZ
For animal treatment only
Not subject to prescription

Vitamin veterinary preparation


Retinoli palmitas 50 000 000 IU
Ergocalciferolum 24 000 000 IU in 1000 mL

Excipients: Tocopherol Alpha Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol (E 1519), Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Purified Water.

Transparent to slightly opalizing solution of yellowish colour.


Vitamin preparation containing vitamin A and D2 - vitamins soluble in fat, modified into water soluble form. Deficiency of vitamin A in organism may lead to a visual disturbance, infertility, growth and development disorders of bones, stunted growth, mucosal epithelial damage and neurological disorders. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to disorders of a calcium-phosphorus exchange, decreased calcium deposition into the bones of growing animals (rachitis), bones and joints deformations or growth disorders.

Area of use:

  • increased demand of organism to vitamin A and D in the period of maximum growth, pregnancy and lactation
  • infertility
  • decreased immunity
  • rachitis and osteomalacia


Daily dose: 



 Daily dose      


 up to 3 months

 1 mL/ 8 pcs.


 3 - 6 months

 1 mL/ 4 pcs.


 150 kg

 1 mL/ 6 pcs.


 250 kg

1 mL/ 4 pcs.


 350 kg

 1 mL/ 3 pcs.

 Dairy cattle

 450 kg

1 mL/1 pcs.

Dairy cattle

500 kg

1 mL/1 pcs.

Bull (fattening)


1 mL/4 pcs.

Bull (breeding)


1 mL/4 pcs.

Stallion (breeding)


1 mL/4 pcs.

 Mare (pregnant)


 1 mL/ 5 pcs.


 500 kg

 1 mL/ 6 pcs.


up to 6 months

1 mL/15 pcs.

 Lamb (fattening)

 20 kg

 1 mL/ 63 pcs.


 60 kg

 1 mL/ 48 pcs.

 Sheep (pregnant)


 1 mL/ 29 pcs.



 1 mL/ 50 pcs.

 Goat (pregnant)


 1mL/ 37 pcs.


 up to 12 weeks

 1 mL/ 300 pcs.

 Rabbit female (pregnant or not)


 1 mL/ 300 pcs.

 Rabbit (lactating female)


 1 mL/ 92 pcs.

 Rabbit (breeding female)


 1 mL/ 150 pcs.


 up to 6 kg

 1 mL/ 100 pcs.

 Weaned piglet

 7 – 15 kg

 1 mL/ 60 pcs.

 Weaned piglet

 16 – 35 kg

 1 mL/ 41 pcs.


 36 – 65 kg

 1 mL/ 30 pcs.


 66 - 120 kg

 1 mL/ 27 pcs.


 more than 120 kg 

 1 mL/ 11 pcs.

 Sow (pregnant) 


 1 mL/ 12 pcs.

 Sow (lactating)


 1 mL/ 7 pcs.



 1 mL/ 10 pcs.

 Dog small


 0.1 mL/ 10 pcs.

 Dog medium


 0.1 mL/ 3 pcs.

 Dog large


 0.1 mL/ 1 pcs.



 0.1 mL/ 7 pcs.

 Fur Animals


 0.1 mL/ 24 pcs.

Administer the veterinary preparation for 5-10 days in recommended doses. Repeat the administration after 3-4 weeks. 

Route of Administration:

For oral administration,  in such quantity of drinking water that animals drink as quickly as possible. 
Note: Protect prepared solution from direct sun light. Prepare fresh solution daily.

Withdrawal period:

Without withdrawal period.

Storage conditions:

Store at 25°C. Protect from light.


Shelf life of the product as packaged for sale: 2 years.
Shelf-life after dilution in drinking water according to directions 12 hours.


Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not use the veterinary preparation after shelf-life. Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling with the product. In case of skin contact was skin with water. In case of eyes irritation seek medical advice.

For more information please read the package leaflet. 

The description of the product is for information purpose only. It is not an advertisement.

Read the content of the package leaflet carefully before use. If you have any further questions, ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.

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